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Index No.19/65
Damage TypePhysical
DescriptionTwo glomps within a glomp
Not enough is known about glomps. The academics of the kindgom have only just begun to study them. Is this large creature the result of two glomps fused together? Or is this some kind of mitosis?

The Uberglomp is an enemy in UnderMine. It can change into an Oiled Uberglomp after landing into oil. It does not change into a Fiery Uberglomp as it immediately extinguishes any fires set on it. The Uberglomp jumps around lightly in the room, but when it is close to the player it will jump high and damage the player when landing. It can jump over high blocks to attack the player and is one of the few enemies that can attack through blocks.

It splits into two Glomp.pngGlomps when killed.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Uberglomps were named as such because they carry passengers like an Uber.
we called em Uberglomps because they have passengers.
~ Quasimodem[1]

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