Unbreakable Scale

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Unbreakable Scale
Unbreakable Scale.png
Index No.59/65
AttackCrushing Blow
Damage TypePhysical
DescriptionPonzu's armored hide
The calcified creatures of the caverns belong to one, larger entity known as Ponzu. Scales are technically a single creature, and therefore share their strengths with one another.

Unbreakable scales make up the outermost part of Ponzu, granting him immense durability.

Unbreakable Scale is an enemy in UnderMine, shed from Ponzu’s outer hide. They are extremely durable and hard hitting. In addition to that, they also grant other scales an extreme health increase when in the same room. If any Winged Scale are present nearby, they grant the Unbreakable Scale flight, which makes them extremely agile.

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