Unstable Concoction

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Unstable Concoction
Unstable Concoction.png
Index No.99/131
Shop CostGold10.png 420
EffectGold hits the floor with explosive force
A substance that combines with gold and force to create devastating effects.

Unstable Concoction.pngUnstable Concoction is a relic in UnderMine.

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • Explosions do not hurt the player or Items.
  • Can destroy TRANSMUT3 Installations (also activates them one last time by doing so).
  • Explosions can't reveal sparkles for Secret rooms, but can open their entrance (can also open the entrance for crawl spaces).
  • Damages Enemies.
  • Can destroy blue rocks if the player has Echo Blast.
  • Gold that spawned on the ground will not explode.

Texts[edit | edit source]

  • Old effect text: Shock your enemies with golden explosions
  • Old description text: Created with the golden entrails of a monster whose arrogance was unbound.