Will o' the Wisp

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Will o' the Wisp
Will o' the Wisp.png
Index No.50/56
DescriptionA small, cursed creature
Will o' the Wisps are accursed beings of a bygone era. Their form hase been reduced to a faint ember and they have lost all distinguishing traits. The only way these creatures can obtain peace is to unload their curse on another.

Will o' the Wisp is an enemy in UnderMine which is spawned by Unsealed Urn.pngUnsealed Urn.

Upon getting caught by 3 of these, the player will recive a random minor Curse and some damage. Any Will o' the Wisp left on the player will disappear when going down a floor or after some time has passed.

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • They do not count as enemies and do not have to be defeated in order to clear the Room. However, they will stay in the room when the player returns.
  • They cannot activate traps, but can slightly push Items.
  • They can be farmed to stack Curses if the player wants so and has enough HP.

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