Winged Scale

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Winged Scale
Winged Scale.png
Index No.60/65
Damage TypePhysical
DescriptionPonzu's agile cord
Beneath Ponzu's unbreakable scales are a layer of swift scales made of finer fibre. They are soft, pliable, and grant Ponzu incredible speed and accuracy for a creature his size.

When separated from Ponzu, winged scales use their fine fibres as wings, granting them and other scales flight.

Winged Scale is an enemy in UnderMine. Below Ponzu's hard Unbreakable Scale.pngUnbreakable Scale are the light and agile Winged Scales. These critters are quick, and fire hard crystal projectiles. Grants other Scale enemies flight, and a speed buff.

Attacks like a Spate Fly, shooting a projectile towards the player shortly after flashing red.

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